Product Culdesac was founded in 2002 with the goal of designing and developing innovative products, unique and significant, capable of increasing the value of brands and the business of international companies for who we work.
We see each project as an opportunity to contemplate all things from their origin, without taking anything for granted, and from an open yet complex perspective. Product design is a profession in which aspects such as cultural, contextual, functional, economic, technical, and competitive all converge to shape our final solution. We immerse ourselves in the culture and philosophy of our customers with the aim of understanding and offering them their own custom-made solution.
We enjoy working on all kinds of challenges regardless of their size and the discipline. Our insatiable curiosity avoids specialization and promotes our ever fresh and surprising vision, constantly searching for excellence. Our work offers turnkey project solutions, which evolves from ideas to actual production management, covering diverse sectors ranging from furniture and lighting to packaging, accessories and electronic products.
Our structure is small, we travel light because the ideas do not weigh nor take room in our minds. We compose teams in order to optimize and improve our solutions every day.